Rural Indian women artisans are the backbone for modern livelihoods

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Global connectivity and networks of entrepreneurs are helping old crafts in helping them to access new opportunities. Local artisans, mainly women, complement the scarce household income and obtain a new authority in their families and towns. Village crafts are part of an informal economic sector that is crucial to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal. According to the Asian Development Society, crafts represent four out of every five jobs in India rural area. According to the International Labor Organization, about 40 million of the 60 million homeworkers in South Asia are women. The global handicraft market is valued at $ 500 billion, but India has less than 2% of it, according to a social impact firm based in India.

In every remote village of Uttar Pradesh, handicrafts and agriculture are the two primary sources of income. Agriculture has well-established supply chains, but networks to buy and sell local handicrafts are fragmented. Craftsmen have difficulties to bring their products to consumers. The challenge is to find a way to succeed in keeping a ship alive by adapting to changes in style, taste, and trends. Making it more trendy and catering to the needs of the International market, while preserving the essence of culture and craftsmanship is needed to strengthen Rural Indian women.

Exposure to global markets has made women smarter entrepreneurs. They are gaining confidence in production and sales decision making, and they are learning how to adapt designs to the tastes of US consumers. UU A growing ecosystem of organizations is supporting the development of artisan enterprises run by women.

United States giant retailers are waking to the impact that their purchases can make. Big retailers such as Walmart, Target, Costco, West Elm and others are working with many different online marketplaces who has expertise in artisans products.

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