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What is the scheme all about?

One District One Product scheme will notify every district about one product that they should manufacture. This will enable the people to gain expertise in one such product and the quality of the product will eventually be raised to the international standards. As per the government analysis, the scheme can provide the employment to over 25 lakh people and in addition to this, the people who want to be part of this scheme will also receive a benefit of Rs. 25,000 from the government. In addition to this, the scheme could raise the GDP of the state by as much as 2%. The scheme is followed by many countries and the benefits are quite visible as the scheme does consider the geographical, cultural, economic and social situation of the state before assigning a product to the state.


How will the scheme work?

The government has already shared the list of district wise products and the people can apply for the scheme once the scheme is live. The government will provide financial assistance and will ensure that the people are able to reap the benefit of the scheme.

How to apply for the scheme?

The scheme is yet to be launched on 24 January and the application procedure of the scheme will be listed by the government after the scheme is launched. We will update the portion once the application procedure is notified by the government.

What are the benefits of the scheme?

The benefit of the scheme are listed below

  • The scheme will enable a lot of people to get employment and this is considered to be the greatest benefit of the scheme.
  • With scheme considering only on one product per district these districts will be able to specialize in the manufacturing process of the product which will eventually increase the quality of the products and they will be able to compete on the global scale.
  • The scheme will also ensure that the GDP of the state increases and this will also impact the GDP of the country.
  • The government will also provide financial benefits to the people which will help people in starting new ventures.



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  • Nice initiative. If implemented properly will certainly boost the self-employed opportunity for many. The best thing of the project is to promote every district in its own way.

    Tejaswi Khijwania on

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