ODOP One District One Product ODOP needs national and international level branding

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UP Govt. has instructed the ODOP - One District One Product should have strong marketing plan to promote the brand at international and national level to create more awareness which in turn will increase job opportunities in the state.

Mr Rajive Kumar, Chief secretary Uttar Pradesh said the with the help of proper coordination between Financial Institutions and enterprenurs, efforts should be made to implement an appropriate work plan for their products soon.

He said that ODOP - One District One Product will not only improve the quality of the product internationally, but will also help improve the qualifications of artisans and other workers. UP Govt. has approve the provision of Rs. 250 crore for fiscal year 2018-19 to implement one district one product. This effort provide employment opportunities at around 05 lakh every year.

Mr. Kumar issued these guidelines presiding at a meeting of S.L.B.C. Yojna Bhawan with relevant department officials as well as bankers here Friday.
He also stated that the units established under this scheme will be financed by central and state governments. 

IIDC and the Chief Supplementary Secretary of Institutional Finance, Dr. Anoop Chandra Pandey, said that micro and small enterprises have a significant contribution to the state economy, similar in terms of capital investment and 'employment. He also added that because of the large number of units of these small and medium-sized enterprises, Uttar Pradesh ranked first in India. "Traditionally, there is in each district a specific local business group: sporting goods from Moradabad district, Firozabad glass and bracelet work, Aligarh locks, Kanpur leather work, etc.

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